SLP – SLP Butte, MT 59701


Start Date07/21/2022

Job Id36283029


End Date10/20/2022

TypePer Diem


Duration13 weeks

Posted2 months ago

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Montana is a breathtaking state full of adventure, canyons, and stunning natural beauty! Experience the great outdoors through hiking, camping, ziplining, and biking in one of Montana’s many national parks. Glacier National Park is nicknamed a “hiker’s paradise”; Yellowstone National Park is home to cliffs, canyons, and forests; Hyalite Canyon has the best stargazing in the state; and Flathead Lake is a favorite for swimming, sailing, fishing, and picnicking. Montana is also home to an assortment of museums; a Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center; the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center; and Castle City Ghost Town. Spend a weekend in the snow at one of Montana’s many ski resorts, or spend the day relaxing at the Hot Springs!

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