Per diem staffing with Millenia Medical refers to daily staffing of healthcare professionals, active RNs, and LPNs, on an as-needed basis. In many cases, per diem staffed nurses and healthcare professionals will have less hours than full-time professionals, yet they will have a more flexible schedule, which is often one of the more popular benefits amongst per diem staffed nurses.

Many nurses often look for per diem work in addition to their full-time or part-time work because the pay is used as an incentive to fill an urgent placement due to a patient-staff ratio deficit.

Many times, the shift you are filling in for, will pay out an above average rate for the job and duration of the shift. This is a great way to supplement your income without giving up your regularly scheduled nursing job.

Millenia Medical Staffing has over 15 years in the healthcare staffing industry and we have developed partnerships with top medical facilities during this time. Our partnerships include VA hospitals, Indian Health Services, Government Facilities and Major Teaching Hospitals. When you are looking for temporary placement through per diem staffing with great medical facilities nationwide, you can reach out to our recruiters at (888) 686-6877.


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