Come To Louisiana And Experience All That This State Has To Offer As A Travel Nurse

Story by Milenia Medical Editor / October 14, 2016

Millenia Medical Staffing offers top paying travel nursing jobs in Louisiana to active RNs that are looking to start their new career. Whether you are located in Louisiana or in another state in the US, you can apply to Louisiana travel nursing jobs with Millenia Medical and visit a new city or state. Call our recruiters today if you have any questions or are looking to apply for a Louisiana travel nursing job. Our recruiters can help you apply for or find the right job, alternatively you may visit our available Louisiana travel nursing jobs page to view currently available contracts.

Louisiana is a very diverse state with plenty to offer men and women of all ages. One of the most popular cities, New Orleans, is home to the famous Mardi Gras which takes place just before spring. New Orleans is famous for great food and has a vibrant city life. 

Millenia Medical Staffing offers short and long term contracts, so depending on how long you want to be away from home, you can take a flexible contract with a top medical facility in Louisiana that ranges in duration, depending on your needs.

Call Millenia Medical Staffing today for more information on our top paying Louisiana travel nursing jobs. Our recruiters can help answer any questions or help you apply for the job. Right now there is a large variety of positions available, so just check out our Louisiana travel nursing jobs page to see if there is one that you like.


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