Hot Job – Tele Travel Nurse – Greenville, NC

Story by Milenia Medical Editor / December 20, 2017

Travel TELE RN – Telemetry Nurse

37 Bed General Medicine Unit- ability to take up to 12 intermediate (IU) patients RN ratio 1:4 or 1:5; IU Patients: 1:4 Primary Population: The population consists of adult patients with general medical problems and with the following subspecialties: Pulmonary disease processes, General cardiac monitoring, Congestive Heart Failure, GI Disturbances, Hypertension, Infectious disease processes, Diabetes, Chronic Cardiac Processes. Registered nurses provide care in conjunction with the care partner and medical team. Assignments are based on the patients needs, the geographical location of the patients, and the resources available. The charge nurse does not have a patient assignment. Skills that will be utilized are continuous infusion medication management, pain management, wound care, central lines, tracheotomy patients, IV start skills, peripheral lab draws, and cardiac monitoring (must be able to read strips, units do NOT use cardiac monitors).

BLS is required

Required Experience: Minimum of 2 yr of current experience. Travel experience preferred

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