Millenia Medical Staffing Celebrates Nurses During International Nurse Week

Story by Milenia Medical Editor / May 7, 2021

With International Nurses Week in full swing, Millenia Medical Staffing wants to recognize our nurses and nurses worldwide for all that they do. Thank You. Thank you for your devotion to your community, helping keep friends, family and the general public safe and healthy. Thank you for often over extending yourself when you are needed most, especially given this past year. And Thank You for putting in 110% effort each and everyday for what is often described as a Thankless job. We see you, we hear you, and we appreciate you for all that you do for us.

Recognizing all that you do for us and understanding how challenging your job can be is one of the reasons that we have become the trusted choice for 13 week travel nursing assignments. Since 1999, we have matched qualified RNs with medical facilities nationwide, offering exceptional benefits. Moreover, our connections with top medical facilities, which includes government facilities, critical access to major teaching hospitals, as well as Indian Health Services, means you get better job placements.

At Millenia Medical Staffing, we reward our travel nurses. We offer top pay rates in the travel nursing healthcare industry, as well as provide competitive insurance packages, travel reimbursement, deluxe private housing and more. When you are looking to get into the travel nursing industry, it is important to consider all aspects of your contract, so give us a call to see what all we can offer you.

As we continue into next week during International Nurses Week, we want to say again, Thank You, for all that you do for your community. Nurses and frontline workers give it their all, oftentimes without recognition or appreciation and we want to be sure you know you are appreciated. For information regarding top paying 13 travel nursing assignments, visit Millenia Medical Staffing online or call 888-686-6877.


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